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Learn How The World is Changing


We offer corporate workshops to help your board and company leadership ramp up on exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR); methodologies such as AB Testing; and more. These workshops will help you:

understand the latest technologies 

- relate them to your business priorities

- apply and integrate these tools throughout your enterprise


Through interactive presentations and hands-on training, we will review concepts, examples/use cases, success factors, and implementation guidelines so you can begin developing a strategy for your company. Sessions offered include:


  • Keynote – a brief overview of emerging trends from the topics below (1.5 hours)

  • Half Day Workshop – includes a standard overview and hands on training (3 hours)

  • Full Day Workshop  – includes a customized overview of your industry and company (6 hours)

  • Build Your Playbook – a multi-day executive bootcamp that takes you from Insight to Idea into Execution


With Build Your Playbook, we will discuss how to successfully build programs leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Design and more. Specific trends will be discussed in detail and participants will undergo a workshop covering strategy building, program implementation and evaluation of success in future pilot initiatives.

Interested in attending a strategic immersion in San Francisco or NYC? We offer 2-5 day strategic immersions on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Exponential Tech where we visit cutting edge retail activations, speak with start-ups and venture capitalists building the next phase of innovation and apply learnings to real world business challenges.


Sample Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence 101:  What Executives Need to Know

    • Essential AI trends and applications

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence

    • How to apply AI to your business

    • How to build and execute a successful AI strategy at your company

    • How to design AI powered products and services that customers love

  • Your Data Strategy: The Oil of Artificial Intelligence

    • How to develop a data strategy

    • Data Lakes, AI Application and AB testing

  • Vision 2050: AI, AR, VR, Robotics, Blockchain, and More

    • How large companies apply new technology 

    • Leveraging emerging tech to grow your business

  • Customer Obsession: Centered Design Thinking

    • Building the customer journey

    • Human Centered Design

  • A Culture of Change: Corporate Innovation

    • How to design and lead successful innovation teams

    • How to transform your company culture and prepare your company for change


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