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Hi, my name is Guillermo...

I recently received a Sense sleep sensor which, some of you may know is from Hello ((https://hello.is/), a start up that raised $2.4 million in its Kickstarter campaign and began shipping earlier this year.

I have to confess that, while I love technology, I abhor setting up new gadgets. I'll keep a brand-new iPhone in its box for a year just so I wouldn't have to deal with setting it up.

And so would have been the fate of my Sense. After procrastinating the appropriate amount of time, I decided to plug it in set it up. Et voila! My worst fears came true: I couldn’t get the app to start. I decided to leave it be until I could muster enough wherewithal to tinker around with it further.

Twelve hours later, I get this email:

I almost fell off my chair. How in the world did Hello know I was having trouble? After a split-second, I realized I didn't really care.

Here was Guillermo the Guardian Angel -- and quite possibly a real live person! -- offering to help me with one of the tasks I avoided like the plague. I didn't even have to ask! I was floored. If there ever was a textbook definition of Moments of Truth, this was it.

Excellent Customer Experience happens at key moments. Onboarding is the most important one. Too many products and services fail to hook a customer because their onboarding was lackluster. Your customers’ first experience with you is your opportunity to make them a customer for life.

What happens when you first onboard your customers?

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